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This made me laugh too hard XD

Out of curiosity, I started watching the original versions of the earlier episodes...I'm really surprised by how different this one is from the one in the remaster! It feels like a prototype for the version included in the remaster trilogy. It's almost like a new episode, but it's still similar enough to the remaster to feel like the 2nd episode still. The only thing I'd really critique is the looping at the end. It's messy how it loops and the music from the end blends in with the music from the beginning. But that's about it. I find this a fascinating piece of animation history from you otherwise!

Awesome! Awesome pacing, awesome sounds and visual hitsparks, well done animation overall!

SpideyHog responds:

Yooo! thank you! i always try my best in those type of fight animations

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So glad you made a sequel! Music's fantastic, and have yet to try it out! The hype is too real, I just had to make the review before playing lol

edit: playing some more of the 1st level, I love how it started like the 1st game, and then the newness kicked in! Neat visual upgrade and awesome new mechanic of grabbing the vine! Can't wait to play more and beat it!

Not really my type of game(as of this review at least)...but...gorgeous pixel art, eargasmic 8-bit music, and pretty interesting game mechanics and rules! Only thing that bugs me a bit is the control scheme...if you could somehow implement customizing the key bindings so people can change the controls to their tastes, that'd help me play it more comfortably...just something to consider you don't have to if you don't want to :]

Ha, never seen Bayo w/ that hairstyle before. Possible new look for her in Bayo 3 perhaps?

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So badass!

BERSERKYD responds:

I'm smilling a lot right now :D Thanks man !

Quite relaxing to listen to!

DreamEater responds:

Thank you very much for listening :)

Nice work! Relaxing to listen to :]

DreamEater responds:

Thank you very much :)

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This is epik!

Really captures the classic Sonic feel


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