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This New Year's Sonic 1 Proto sprite animation that celebrates Flash/these various classics earned you 5 stars from me and a follow! Well done!

Thanks for sharing this! It's really cool to see what could've been. I'm curious how the camera was meant to be interactive.

Nice little sprite animation!

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So glad you made a sequel! Music's fantastic, and have yet to try it out! The hype is too real, I just had to make the review before playing lol

edit: playing some more of the 1st level, I love how it started like the 1st game, and then the newness kicked in! Neat visual upgrade and awesome new mechanic of grabbing the vine! Can't wait to play more and beat it!

Not really my type of game(as of this review at least)...but...gorgeous pixel art, eargasmic 8-bit music, and pretty interesting game mechanics and rules! Only thing that bugs me a bit is the control scheme...if you could somehow implement customizing the key bindings so people can change the controls to their tastes, that'd help me play it more comfortably...just something to consider you don't have to if you don't want to :]

Ha, never seen Bayo w/ that hairstyle before. Possible new look for her in Bayo 3 perhaps?

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Great take on a great song!

BERSERKYD responds:

Thanks for staying around Nano :)

Epic! This is a fine track from Sonic 1 8 bit. This remix is really cool XD

Really epic cover/remix of his X2 theme! I'm really glad I decided to use it as the main theme for my latest animation, Megaman X2 32 bit | X vs Zero. I didn't know you already had a story in mind for this cover/remix as I just read in the description, I went with my own thing for the animation but that's cool you had your own interpretation of how the fight was supposed to sync with the music! 10/10

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Both her and that trumpet are very aesthetically pleasing to see!

Thought this was Miriam from Bloodstained for a sec. Still great drawings though!

Sailor Mata Nui XD

I mainly make sprite animations! If there's one thing you should know about my animations, it's that I place a great emphasis on the music I use in them...try to keep that in mind when watching them, have a great day! :]

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