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I'd appreciate it if...

2017-10-12 05:23:14 by NanoSoft

...someone watched my stream of Bayonetta 2!

That's the link to watch it :P

I uploaded Megaman X vs. Yoshi WIP

2017-10-09 17:01:18 by NanoSoft

So, I uploaded my WIP version of the current sprite animation I'm working on, Megaman X vs. Yoshi...I hope you watch it and like it :D

Here's the link to view it

I changed my mind about my current sprite animation I'm making, in I think the post before this, I typed that I'm making an expanded remake of something I made in class a few years ago...well, what ended up happening is that I tried to continue the original sprite animation from my class, and I'm quite satisfied overall with what I made so a result, when I'm done making the sprite animation, I'm most likely gonna upload that, the extension of my original animation I made for class a few years ago as opposed to the extended remake of it I originally planned to make


So the reason I made this post is to honor/celebrate that I've been animating/very minorly programming in ActionScript 2 in Flash, mostly sprite animations, for close to 10 years! (I think it might be close to 11 years actually!) I might've not uploaded that many things to Newgrounds and Youtube, but believe me, I have so many Flash animations from over the years in .FLA and/or .SWF formats and/or other formats like .MP4 videos , both sprite animations and some in vector Flash graphics as well! 

Maybe sometime, I'll get around to uploading more of my older Flash content to here and/or on Youtube as well, but rest assured that I'm not resting on my laurels here by just uploading old previous content, as I type this post out I'm actually working on something new-ish, a expanded remake of something I made for class a few years ago, so there's that to anticipate (that is, if I get to actually finish it, right now I have many ideas for it, but something could happen where I encounter "writers block" or just lose motivation to finish it, or something else like losing the .FLA file or something...I hope none of these happen, but any of them might happen unfortunately :/ )! 

I'm ready to share the link to my stream!

Alright people, I'mma stream Sonic 3 and Knuckles, PC ver. w/ FM synthesizer soundtrack, in a few minutes...stay tuned!

Another stream session from me!

2017-08-28 02:58:54 by NanoSoft

In a few mins, I'mma stream…just a heads-up I’m almost ready to stream! there’s the link ahead of time so that if you’d like to, you may tune into the stream!

Here's the link to watch:

For more info, read it's description please...happy watching!

My stream of RE REmake NA. Gamecube ver.!

2017-08-26 23:26:23 by NanoSoft

‘tis the link for my stream of RE REmake NA. Gamecube ver.! I might stream one or more other games as well. Happy watching!

Just note that there will be SPOILERS, if you ever plan on playing a fresh experience of this game, then avoid my stream at all costs. (although, you CAN still share the link to people who don’t mind getting spoiled by this stream and such :P)

As the title of this post states, my internet, phone, etc. might be cut off soon and my general well being is maybe at risk just heads up