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Cmon guys, were better than this

Posted by NanoSoft - December 7th, 2018

Sure, it's awesome NG is getting waves of new people from Tumblr...but. That doesn't mean Tumblr's bad or should go down...I feel like we should help Tumblr out somehow instead of bashing on them

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It´s about Verizon´s interest. Interest for money. When you buy something, you do anything with that product.


@DarkJazmin11 What's the connection with Verizon and Tumblr?

Tumblr administration is the main problem, we can't solve it

I see, it's more complicated than it seems...

Tumblr's been a travesty since day one with it's horribly coded layout and the horde of glitchy problems that are never fixed because the site panders to PC Culture, let it fucking burn and be sure to piss gasoline on it as it goes. Anyone bringing their shit mentality to this place deserves to be outed and rejected completely, lest they try to turn this place into their successor like they did so many years ago. Newgrounds thrived because there was a place for everything, this new wave of censorship and bullshit will not stand in this site and Tom himself has plenty of scars from legal battles trying to ruin his site. Fuck Tumblr, refugees are welcome here but integration into the culture is mandatory. Let them know they are welcome but only if they play along. They WILL NOT ruin this site like the suits tried to back in the day.

lol, Tumblr’s magical! Its an awesome community with memes, music, and more...haters gonna hate

@NanoSoft Verizon is the owner of Tumblr since 2017 when they bought Yahoo.

Aah, thanks for explaining! I have an idea...

@d00d532 @NanoSoft Spoken like a true ignoramus. Anyone that spent their time posting on the site knows what I've said is true because the things I brought up are genuine complaints from regulars on the site.

....whatever helps you sleep at night.

@d00d532 @NanoSoft @NanoSoft If it's important enough for you to argue against my standpoint, go look into it yourself and you'll see where I'm coming from. Tumblr had shit for video support and the layout was total mess that people just found ways to deal with despite the constant and rampant issues.

I don't want to argue about this forever, the only thing I will say is that perspective is reality, it's up to you to find the good in things, if you can't do that for Tumblr that's YOUR problem. I will block you if you keep replying.