Contact Info / Websites of my uploads of one of my oldest Flahes got blammed :/

2017-08-20 05:12:11 by NanoSoft

As title of this blog post staes, one of my uploads of one of my oldest Flahes got blammed :/. I chalk it up to most people not reading the description and/or not reading the blog post related to it which was linked in the description. Hmmm...not sure what to do now re: uploading versions of my oldest stuff now. I'm thinking to include some text, similar to what was in the description and blog entry re: both of those oldest Flashes of mine to provide futher context for both submissions before the actual animations start, making it much less likely for them to not ignore it...but currently don't have to means to do so as of now.

So yea, the upload getting blammed (which happens to be the first time anything of mine got blammed on here ever :[ ) put my plans on hiatus for now at least.

Re: My next two uploads

2017-08-19 06:49:42 by NanoSoft

I decided I'mma go through w/ starting to upload some of my oldest Flash stuff!

For the next two uploads, both were originally made in 2007 I believe. They're both similar in animation style as well as the techniques used for both. Not to mention many of the same sounds were used in both.

Both can be considered my Flash "pre-history", as I was so inexperienced in Flash at the time, I didn't even know how to generate SWF files at all I believe! As a result, both of the sprite animations were made in such a way that they exist within Flash itself and not designed for SWFs in to upload them here and perhaps Youtube as well, I found out I can use OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) and record the entire Flash application to record the content of the sprite animations!

I'mma try to upload both of these, as well as possibly later Flash animations I made, in the date I've made them...starting w/ the oldest one first, and newer ones later perhaps.

Re: the credits of both of these animations:

Since both were made a decade ago, my memory is rather my attempt to try and list credits for both here will probably be missing so much stuff.

Most of the sound effects I beleive were from or something like that IIRC, so I believe they're open-source/ok for me to use in Flash sprite animations and such. I think some were recorded from mine and my cousin's voice haha.

Megaman X and Megaman related sprites in general I believe came from Sprites Inc.

Sonic and Sonic-related sprites came from The Mystical Forest Zone I believe.

That should cover the major stuff I think...other stuff I failed to credit, I simply forgot where that stuff originated from, sadly.

I hope one or some of y'all enjoy one or both of my oldest, "pre-historic" Flash sprite stuff!


Hey people! I'm toying around w/ the idea of uploading my old old OLD Flash stuff, dating back from 2007 (which is very close to when I started getting interested in Flash/started to learn how to use it to create sprite animations...I believe I actually started in 2006-ish, but unfortunately don't have anything in possession from that era [that is, if I even MADE anything substantial during that period...most likely, I was still experimenting w/ how to use Flash at all] :/ ) and progressively going up in years until I reach the years before my earliest work uploaded to here was, the 1st ep. of Megaman X vs. Zombies series. I don't have EVERY SINGLE Flash animation I've made up until before I uploaded the 1st Megaman X vs. Zombies episode, and even if I did...I'm not sure if I'd be comforatable uploading every single one of them, for a few reasons.

I have several reasons why I'd want to upload my older work:

1.) To preserve/have backups of them somewhere besides my own HDDs and/or flash drives.

2.)To better show you folks the evolutions/de-evolutions of my animation style/styles over the years. It might make one or some of you folks better appreciate what I consider an increase in the quality overall of my current-ish stuff....who knows!

3.) I think this will be a great way to keep this account active with new uploads until I get an idea/ideas for my next new submission on here (currently, I'm on-off working on a new sprite animation, but haven't decided yet if I'mma upload it to here and/or on my Youtube account yet...I don't consider myself having gotten really far w/ it so far)

4.) I sincerelly like some of my old works...reminds me of the past in a good way...not to mention, I like to reminisce personally on my older animation techiques/styles that I no longer use these days...maybe at least one or more person besides me can like that stuff as well re: my older animation techiques/styles that I no longer use these days

I think I covered the major reasons re: why I'd want to upload my older work....I'd like to read your comments/thoughts re: this blog post if any of these things in this blog post interest you!

Re: Megaman X vs Zombies III (re-uploaded 8/10/15 "beta ver.")

2017-08-17 14:39:02 by NanoSoft

note: although the below is already present in the long description of the project, I feel I should repeat it again in a journal entry so here I go:

As the short description for this project kind of has typed out...this is all I have left of the latest version of the project unfortunately :/

I want to re-upload this again for a few reasons:

1.) To show any of you interested some of my ideas for MMXvsZombies III

2.) To provide some "closure" to the series, as I'm highly unlikely to create more entries in the series...especially as of now, for various reasons. I doubt though that anyone would really care this much for the series anyway, especially at this point in time, but I'm accounting for the possibility people might.

3.) I guess to sort-of show that I still have an interest in making more Flash content, especially sprite-based animations (which more often than not, are crossovers of two or more game franchises).

The above are the major, big reasons why I wanna re-upload this again...for any who enjoyed/still enjoy this rather brief series (mayyyyybe I could continue it in the future, either a sequel/sequels to MMXvsZombies II that are different from how this episode would've turned out, and/or make "spinoffs"/reference the MMXvsZombies in future Flash content I make, [the latter is MUCH more likely to happen if I do decide to continue on somehow w/ this series tbh]), I hope you like/appreciate at least one or some of the ideas I had in store for what would've been the full next entry of the series...of course, I had/I think still have several more ideas as well for what would've been the full next entry of the series, but I guess never got around to including them in animation form for various reasons...ehhh. Still though, the content that did make it into animation form here I feel should be representative overall of the ambition I orginally intended for, scope-wise, animation-wise, story-wise, etc. for this project. I hope any interested will enjoy what's left of the project!

Credits (may be missing stuff due to me forgetting):


-Dragon Slayer, by_____of Newgrounds
-_________from The Wonderful 101
-_________from Resident Evil/Biohazard 2

Sprites/graphics extracted from games:

-Megaman X4/X5
-Plants vs. Zombies
-misc stuff from misc games I don't know about



Axl minor update

2017-06-23 22:03:59 by NanoSoft

Don't know if anyone's gonna read this, but here I go.

I updated my old-ish animation, Axl, to include an MP4 option...should be less laggy than the original SWF version (which I forgot to put in a SWF preloader for :/). Here's the link if you're curious to see it

My latest, Axl

2014-10-19 21:59:25 by NanoSoft

Check it out! It's my newest animation, hope y'all enjoy

Getting Closer!

2014-10-13 11:17:18 by NanoSoft

To finishing something I’ve started…I shall share when its ready!


Hey people, I am still around

2014-09-16 01:25:29 by NanoSoft

I haven't posted on here in a while. For a while, animation was something that slid to the side :/ However, recently, my creative side has awoken again! Maybe something new will be uploaded soon... :]

Megaman X vs Zombies II OUT!

2012-01-06 23:26:06 by NanoSoft

Go watch it!

I'm making steady progress in my Megaman X vs Zombies II . Right now, this series is a small rock, but when it gets popular, YOU READ IT HERE FIREST :] Jk. Anyway, I got inspired from artists like Kaosboy85, Alvin-Earthworm, etc. Hopefully when I'm done with the installment and put it up, it'll get better reception than the first one