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Axl minor update

2017-06-23 22:03:59 by NanoSoft

Don't know if anyone's gonna read this, but here I go.

I updated my old-ish animation, Axl, to include an MP4 option...should be less laggy than the original SWF version (which I forgot to put in a SWF preloader for :/). Here's the link if you're curious to see it

My latest, Axl

2014-10-19 21:59:25 by NanoSoft

Check it out! It's my newest animation, hope y'all enjoy

Getting Closer!

2014-10-13 11:17:18 by NanoSoft

To finishing something I’ve started…I shall share when its ready!


Hey people, I am still around

2014-09-16 01:25:29 by NanoSoft

I haven't posted on here in a while. For a while, animation was something that slid to the side :/ However, recently, my creative side has awoken again! Maybe something new will be uploaded soon... :]

Megaman X vs Zombies II OUT!

2012-01-06 23:26:06 by NanoSoft

Go watch it!

I'm making steady progress in my Megaman X vs Zombies II . Right now, this series is a small rock, but when it gets popular, YOU READ IT HERE FIREST :] Jk. Anyway, I got inspired from artists like Kaosboy85, Alvin-Earthworm, etc. Hopefully when I'm done with the installment and put it up, it'll get better reception than the first one